About Us

About Us

Physio At Work was established on the premise that we deliver the positive impact of physiotherapy. We focus on the road of recovery for our patients, along with education on the maintenance of healthy lifestyle to avoid placing oneself in similar situation again. We are constantly improving and refining on the assessment, treatment and prevention that is specially catered to each individual. At Physio At Work, we believe that no two individuals are the same.


To provide care and education to patients, restoration to their happy and usual lifestyle within the shortest timeframe possible.


To diversify through education and innovation, for better quality of life.

Core Values

Patient Care: Going beyond service for patients in a caring, respectful and confidential manner

Integrity: To provide care to patients that is adherence to moral and ethical principles and soundness of moral character

Innovation: Introduction of better solutions that add values for both the company and customers

39807477 - digital composite of highlighted bones of woman at physiotherapist